Loved it!   For my wedding, I wanted the theme to be LIGHTS. I’m not too big on color schemes. My bridesmaids had cobalt blue dresses, but I didn’t necessarily want that to be my “wedding color”. My dream was to have lights and candles everywhere, and we did. It’s All About The Centerpiece! really brought the reception to life. We got married at our church which is more contemporary looking than most traditional churches people get married in, so it required a little bit more decorating. The centerpieces were amazing. They were so awesome, we used some in the actual ceremony. Lane (the owner) took special care in making everything perfect. She made sure everything was exactly how I wanted it, and it was. She has great taste for bringing elegance and charm to any location, and, believe me, she had her work cut out for her at our location. Awesome job! It really is all about the centerpieces!!
— Wedding – March 27, 2010

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